Frequently Asked Questions

You are approved for a car loan at Deals on Wheels based on the honesty and accuracy of the information you provide to us along with your ability to pay the car loan payments. While these are the main factors, how long you have been living at your current address and working at your current job are a plus. We also focus our lending to people that live or work in the immediate Helena, Montana area.
It's easy, we will need some information about where you work and live, such as a supervisor and landlord. In addition, some personal references will help you, but you probably have most of that information on your cell phone. If you happen to have a pay-stub from your last paycheck at work or some forms from your Landlord showing your lease, that would also help.
That depends on the car you want. The good news is that down payments are marked for every car right in the window sticker and on this website. That way there's no guessing. Are you still a little short on cash down for the car you want? Come on in, we might still be able to help you!
Monday through Friday, from 9am to 6pm.
Bring it back. We have a 48 hour money back guarantee. We want you to be happy with the car that you select!
Come in and let us help you! All of our cars are covered by a 6-month, 6000 mile warranty. After a small $100 deductible, we will cover 100% of parts and labor to fix many of the major problems used cars have. Under many circumstances, we can help you repair your car by getting the bank to finance some of the repair costs if its not covered under the warranty. We are still here when the ink dries… even a year later!
Almost any way you want! You may use a credit card, money order, ACH, check, or even pay online.
Come in and talk with us. We are here to help you, but we won't chase you. Just make sure you come see us before your payment is due so that we can work on a possible arrangement.
Number one, THANKS for sending your friend to us. Since they have a 48 hour money back guarantee just like you did, we need to wait for a couple days just to make sure they are happy with the car they picked out. After that, come on down to Deals on Wheels and we will pay you for your refferal.
Sure. Just understand that we will have to mail you a receipt. Since your friend is not a person named on your loan, it wouldn't be right for us to give them your receipt which would have some of your personal information on it.
Sure. In fact, since you are charged interest on your loan only for the amount of the current balance, paying off your loan early with us will save you some money in interest. Call us for a pay-off quote or log in and find out online.
Deals on Wheels provides a 6-month, 6,000 mile drive-train warranty with a $100 deductible on all vehicles sold. If the engine blows up or transmission goes out, its a $100 deductible for you and the rest is covered!