The Deals on Wheels Difference

by Trevor Riggs - Posted 1 year ago

Hey, guys, this is Trace over. It Deals on Wheels and I'm bringing you another Deals on Wheels difference. When I first started working here, one of the main things I noticed was that no matter who was coming into our store, whether they were a new customer or existing customer, or even just somebody off the street looking to see what we're all about, they always got treated the same. And that was like, Ah, good friend, or somebody that you've known for a long time, almost like a family member. And I've realized that here deals on wheels. That's just what we try and do. We try and treat everybody like they're a member of our family. We've gotta sign on our wall that says, We treat you like family. at Deals on Wheels and that's exactly what we want to do and what we put into every day here at work, at deals on wheels. So guys, that's another deals on wheels difference, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon